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Üdvözöljük a Lucullus BT gasztronómiai egyesület időtmegállító, teretszétszelő gasztroblogján. Az egyetemes gasztronómiát népszerűsítjük 2003 óta, valamint megismertetjük a külföldi (konyha)kultúrákat az alapanyagokon, ételeken és rendezvényeken keresztül. Légy Te is része a folyamatnak! Hírlevélért küldj e-mailt az címre!



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2003.10.25. 21:43 lucullus


"We are what we eat. We eat the World and hence we are the World. Our goals are stopping the time and dominating the World".


The Lucullus Fellowship (Lucullus Baráti Társaság) Gastronomy Association

It is the basic philosophic axiom of the LUCULLUS FELLOWSHIP that one of the most direct ways of obtaining information about the world and the fate of mankind is gastronomy, i.e. food, which is nothing else but reality created by the bond among sunshine, the soil, culture, history and the fate of each man.

LUCULLUS BT has also accepted the idea of "Slow Food", the central motif of which is the natural high quality of food, in addition to respecting the time devoted to enjoying fare. We believe that enjoying food goes far beyond having mere nutrition: gastronomy is art, and having food is a sacred act of energy transformation, in addition to providing a glimpse into history.

LUCULLUS BT has taken on the role of finding the most authentic representatives/restaurants of gastronomic culture, sharing its experience with the audience. We think it is just as important to safeguard traditions and disseminate information about traditional cuisines and habits – to make sure that we are able to dig into our past and hence have a grasp of the present.

LUCULLUS BT was founded in 2003. Since then we arranged 80 gourmet dinners and countless personal- and team building cooking courses in Hungary, and took part in more than 100 other gastronomy events.

Please, apply for one of our dinners, or come, and visit our cooking school, where we prepare Indian, Chinese, French, Spanish and other melas.

Further information is available from or +3620 240-8530.

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